Blogging Tip: Teach a SkillπŸ‘· πŸŽ¨

Hello. I want to give a blogging Tip. Some of you may be blogging, but not sure what to blog about. Teaching a skill is a great idea if you just want to help people, or you want to start a business blog. We all have some sort of skill or knowledge about something. Whether it be painting, knitting, sculpting, fixing cars, cooking, repairs, and so on.

These days so many people are looking into entrepreneurship ever since the economy has fallen. But, the problem is that learning a trade and going to school has gotten more expensive. So starting a business in the trade that you desire has gotten slimmer. Let me give you an example.

Say that someone has always wanted to sell handmade crafts online. But they are not that educated on this topic. Not everyone has access to free classes, so they are looking for someone that can teach them the skill of crafts. This is where you can come in. You can create a blog on teaching crafts! Don’t be afraid of the oversaturation of YouTube channels and blogs with your same niche. We all have something unique that we can bring to the table. Despite the fact that there’s other people giving out blogging tips, I still get readers who care to read what I have to say.🀷🏾 So why not create your own little online school!? I hope this tip helped!πŸ˜„

Just tips and stuff!🀷🏾

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Blogging Tip: Religion and Politics πŸŒŽ

Hello! We’re riding smoothly into Tuesday. And I’ve got more tips for you! When blogging, we want to be able to reach as many readers as possible, and of course, we what them to agree with what we have to say. We want our readers to understand our view points. And this is very hard to do when you have chosen controversial blog topics. One of the two most controversial blog topics is anything concerning politics or religion. If you have chosen one of these to be your niche, you can be sure that your blog audience will be growing slow, but hopefully steady. But really slow for sure!

Why? Because think about how much politics and religion divide the world. We have so many religions to choose from, and so many names for God. We have Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist and the list goes on. Then God is called Jehovah, universe, Allah, and so on. There are also many denominations!

Quora and Google images

With politics you have Republican and Democratic. We fight over who are good presidents and not. We argue over political view points. And it becomes a great big mess! We have been trained to be very tribal and grouped up in sections.

So, I say again, be prepared to not please everyone. Be prepared to only gather like-minded people. Your readers will be very small at first. When it comes to religion and politics, we are very strict and passionate about our beliefs. Saying just one thing that a lot of your readers don’t agree with can lose you readers. Let me give you an example.

Say you have gathered a lot of Christian readers that share your beliefs. Everything is going well until you voice that you agree with same sex marriage. We know very well that this is a hot topic😳! You have 6,000 readers. 2,000 of them just gasped and became angry. Now you have a lot of people unsubscribing, and leaving hateful comments.


Now you have the choice to apologize and take it back, or stand your ground. Either way you’ve lost a bunch of readers.

Or, say you have a strong opinion on gun laws! Perhaps you suggest guns Should be taken away. Now you have a strong debate going on in the comments section, and readers are disappearing! Some readers are mad at you now, and feel like you let them down. Now you feel like politics is something you are afraid to talk about!

Giphy( photo for humor and example. Not personal opinion.)

You guys notice my disclaimer! πŸ˜‚ You guys are not about to come at me. I just thought this photo showed the true example of the passion of politics. Anyway, so yeah, you can see some blog topics are only for the brave. You have to be willing to have a small crowd, and a strong heart. But that comes with blogging. Don’t take it personal. Well, I hope this tip helped.

Stand strong!🀰🏾

Just tips and stuff!🀷🏾

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Blogging Tip: πŸ—£οΈSpeaking Your Mind

Happy Motivation Monday! Let’s get going!

The run to our dreams continue! πŸƒπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸΎ πŸšΆπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸšΆKeep up keep up! πŸ˜‚ Here is a motivational quote for you:

Free stock photos

Now that I motivated you some, let’s get back to blogging tips. I want to talk about speaking your mind. When blogging, speaking your mind can be tough. You are giving your honest opinion, and releasing your feelings and experiences. And your readers will take this as being a good thing, or a bad thing. Telling how you really feel can gain you some readers, or run some of them away. When you are in the industry of communicating with the masses, you have to decide if you can handle the backlash and controversy that come with speaking your mind, or keep quiet to satisfy everyone.

So many times I’ve seen politicians, public figures, YouTubers, and celebrities apologize for something they’ve said that some people didn’t agree with, and then take back what they’ve said. If your money comes from the masses liking you, or popularity is important to you, then it’s best to go with the most popular opinion of the masses. Me personally, I’d rather speak my mind, and not be imprisoned by money or popularity. But, being that way isn’t a total loss, because you will still get support from those who are like-minded. So, when blogging, or in any industry where your support comes from the people, it’s important to draw your crowd, and stick with them. Don’t try to please everyone; because you can’t!

When you say something, stick to it. Don’t apologize for how you feel. You can apologize that you may have hurt someone’s feelings along the way, but what you said still stand. And I believe your audience that is like-minded will appreciate you standing your ground and standing in your truth. We all have the right to our own opinion. And we all have the right to accept or reject someone’s opinion or feelings.

Despite the fact of not caring about money or popularity, I still won’t just say anything, though. I do care about people feelings. Some things are just better left unsaid. I’m not going to speak against anybody else’s religion, sexual orientation, race, gender, or lifestyle unless I think it’s harming others. So we should still speak our opinions and truth wisely. Other than that, tell your story and release information that you think will help others.😊 This is what makes a great person no matter what your job is. 😁

Enjoy the week!πŸ˜ƒ

Just tips and stuff!🀷🏾

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Blogging Tip: WordPress Doesn’t Have to be Your Final Stop πŸ›‘πŸƒπŸ½

Hello! I’m glad a few people left their link in my meet and greet! The rest of you just stopped by and said you like it. You stood me up at my social!😑😭 I thought you were my friends😧. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Just joking, but it was weird🀷🏾. I guess that’s why nobody really does them anymore. I’ve actually had people ask me to check out their blog, or share their info, but then when I put that up, they were nowhere to be found. Boy things get strange!πŸ€”πŸ˜†

Anyway, I want to give this tip that WordPress doesn’t have to be your final stop. Gaining a lot of readership actually can increase faster if you spread yourself out to different platforms. I’ve heard so many people say that their blogging platform actually took off when they created a YouTube channel. That’s where a lot of their readers started to come from.

We are in such a visual world. People love the convenience of being able to just sit back and watch a video, or put headphones on and listen as they work. I know this because I’m guilty of this. I’ve also heard numerous others do this. In such a busy world we live in now, sitting back to read a good story take more time.

We no longer live in these days!


This is our lives now.

A lot of us want quick and convenient. Luckily, I try to still make time to read because I’m really old school. But people like me are not the majority, we are the minority. But it’s not just about convince, it’s also about the up close and personal feel that we get from a video. You really get to feel like you’re getting to know the author.

The process I’ve noticed people doing is creating a blog first, and then creating a YouTube channel. They ask their blogger friends to follow them on YouTube. And the new YouTube viewers they get, they ask them to check out their blog. Since the YouTube viewers have formed a relationship with them, they are more than happy to sacrifice time out their day to read your blog. Do you get it?

I personally wish I had more time to do YouTube videos. I’m also camera shy, but I’m still willing to give it a try. Perhaps in the future I’ll get it done. But, it doesn’t have to stop at YouTube. If you have a following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on, you can direct them to your blog as well. So yeah, this tip can be helpful if you want to speed things up a bit. But you still have to put the work in. The biggest step in all of this is to network, socialize, and form friendships. Because friends are the ones who will be long lasting and willing to commit time to you regardless of your platform. Hope this tip helped.

Good day!.😸

Just tips and stuff!🀷🏾

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Blogging Tip: Bring Your Blog to Life βœοΈπŸ½πŸ‘―

Greetings! I hope you guys are enjoying the blogging tips. I wasn’t going to do much blogging tips, but then ideas started to rush in, so I’ll go ahead and exhaust my ideas!😁 Anyway, I want to give you the tip of bringing your writings to life. As the saying goes, ” A Picture is worth a thousand words”. Pictures can really make your writings come to life.

They can make your blog very animated. This is very important when blogging because we don’t have the full animation that vloggers do on YouTube. We don’t have a video, we only have words. And words are dead unless you bring life to them. This is why when someone is writing a novel or poem, they use vivid words to bring more life to it. Here are some examples:

As you can see, a simple word like mad can be brought to life with the word furious. Or the word ran is changed to dashed. This is what animates your words. This is what helps grab your readers attention! It will get your readers imagination to churning. I myself have to admit that I can improve in this area of using more vivid words!

So when blogging, it’s very important to add pictures along with vivid words, because a lot of us are stimulated by visuals. Why do you think that companies are so careful and precise when using visuals for marketing?

For example, If Coca-Cola showed you a picture of a soda can and said, “Drink Coca-Cola” that wouldn’t interest you much. From this quote and picture you can’t even understand why you should drink it. What’s so special about Coca-Cola? You’d probably just pass the advertisement by!

But, look at this one!


This 1961 magazine advertisement want to make you feel it! Notice how they say “Zing”! 😁 They say “crisp” taste! 🀣 Their goal is to make you thirsty! Do you see how the people in the picture is having the time of their life with this drink? Even if they didn’t add the vivid words, the picture alone brings a story. You don’t even need to ask why you should drink it. Of course, you don’t have to be as exaggerated, but I just want to show you an example of how powerful pictures and words can be.

This technique is very useful when your doing personal journal style blogs, instructional, religious, or recipes. If you are doing instructional or recipes, it’s very useful to add pictures for a clearer understanding.

If you are doing an religious blog, show plenty of pictures. This is great for people who want to gain a greater understanding.

And lastly, if you’re doing a personal journal blog, it’s really really important. Because just writing about your day may not interest people as much. But, if you spice it up with photos describing your day, it can turn it into a fun story!

It can be real pictures of yourself or cartoon.

Writing should be animated, interesting, and engaging no matter what your genre is. Bring your words to life with vivid words and pictures! Your readers will surely appreciate this!πŸ˜€ Hope this tip helped!

Keep your head up!😎

Just tips and stuff!🀷🏾

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Blogging and Life Tip: πŸ—£οΈStop Looking For the Easy Way Out!πŸ‘€

Hello! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to talk about today. But then this quote started nagging me.
“Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. I am a firm believer of it. So when this quote came to mind, I jumped on the opportunity to write about it. This quote comes in handy when it comes to life and blogging. So many of us want the easy way out. It’s So much easier if someone can just hand us something. But when this happens, we’ll be satisfied for a minute, and then right back in need.

In blogging I’ve noticed that people would like readers to just fall in their laps. They think they can just write and people should fall in place. I wish it was that easy!🀦🏾There is even people/ businesses who offer to drop thousands of readers in your lap. Just pay a fee, and they can give you tons of traffic. I don’t know if that Is true, maybe they can🀷🏾. And I have absolutely no idea where they would get thousands of people from that would automatically come to your page because you paid a fee. It sound kind of creepy honestly! 😳But, say if that is true, if your blog is not in top shape, and reader friendly, your readership will decline fast. The readers will start to leave, and you’ll be constantly paying for fake readers.

So, your best bet is to not pay for readers at first, or ask other bloggers for free advertisement. Your best bet is to put in the work. And that mean making your blog reader friendly, and Networking with other bloggers. Take time out to form a relationship with your readers. All of this is worthwhile. Because you can gain readers not only for a minute, but for a lifetime! But I will say that buying readers might help you if want to experiment to see if your blog is reader ready. Perhaps a good amount of readers might stay?🀷🏾

If you don’t take the earning attitude in your personal life, you most likely won’t understand this tip I’m giving. For example, So many of us think that just handing over money or a house to the homeless will solve the problem.

Yes, a few dollars will feed them one meal, and yes, a house will get them off the street temporarily. Even winning a million dollar lottery will help them temporarily. But what they and we really need is someone to help teach us a skill. The homeless need to learn a skill and have job opportunity. We all need training and career opportunities!

Money management is also important. What’s the purpose of having a lot of money if you’ll Just blow it all on a lot of nonsense. We need to know about proper investments and savings. Success is a journey and take time. We live in a microwave society that has spoiled us into thinking that’s how everything work. But it’s not. The most successful people in life put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes before you saw their success up front! So if you want to dedicate yourself to blogging, then my tips are for you. If you want a get readers quick scheme, this is not for you!

Good luck on your ventures!πŸ˜€

Just tips and stuff!🀷🏾

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Blogging Tip: Don’t Confuse Yourself! πŸ™‡

Greetings! I’m here to give you a blogging Tip. I have to admit, I’m starting to get burned out giving blogging tips. I’m in the mood to mix it up some. But I still wanted to get this out to those who enjoy them.😊 I just Can’t guarantee I’ll give them out as much.

Anyway, I want to give you the tip of not confusing yourself. By this I mean I don’t suggest that you overwhelm Yourself trying to get blogging tips from too many sources. I suggest only getting info from only one or two sources. I know when I was new to blogging, I used to look up numerous websites to get blogging tips. But I began to get very confused. I was getting so many different tips.

This blogger said to put as much material out as possible, but then the other blogger said limit your post. Now this blogger said to be controversial for attention, but the other said it can run people away!Now she say edit carefully, and he say just put the blog post out immediately! I was left so confused 🀷🏾!

In reality, perhaps there isn’t a strict right or wrong answer when it comes to blogging tips, but more of what worked for that individual blogger. I ended up using more trial and error experience more than anything. And that is how I’m able to give you the tips I have.

But if you insist on getting blogging tips from someone else, pick only one or two bloggers to get tips from. Preferably one. First, Pick the blogger that has a fairly successful blog. Why? Because how can someone really give tips if their blog seem to be at a standstill. And secondly, the one that has the tips that make you feel the most comfortable, and that you can relate to. I know some of you are saying to yourself that you like getting multiple tips from everyone. And if you can do it that way, good for you. But, for those of you who are like me, you’ll only get more confused.

And please, don’t think that I’m telling you to abandon other sites to come to mine. If you were getting blogging tips from somewhere else before here, and it was working for you, then I suggest going back. I might only confuse you. Or, if you like it here, don’t hesitate to shop around. There could be better out there. Perhaps a more established blog than mine. If you don’t find anything, then come back! You’re always welcome here! I’ll even leave the light on!πŸ’•

Let your heart lead the wayπŸ’–

Just tips and stuff!🀷🏾

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Blogging Tip: Consistency βœοΈ

Hello! Guess what? It’s going to be Friday!!!

We made it through the week! I’m trying to decide about what I want to do for Whatever Weekend. I have to admit that this week has been tough. 😌I can’t say that I felt like blogging every day, but I know how important being consistent is. I really want to have a consistent schedule that my readers can count on. Familiarity is something I know readers count on. I know I look forward to reading certain blogs, and if they haven’t posted in a while, it sucks. And it’s disappointing to not know when they will post again. So it’s important to let your readers know what your blogging schedule is. You don’t want to leave them assuming or guessing.

If a reader really like your blog, they will want to hear from you often. Some readers will lose interest if they barely hear from you. And when you are a new blogger, it’s especially important to be consistent to get your writing out there. The more you get your material out there, the more faithful readers you will gain. This is one of the tough things of blogging. When you have a busy life it’s extremely hard to keep up. I can’t even count how many bloggers I’ve read apologize about not being consistent. Some bloggers go missing for weeks. And when that happen you might return to way less readers because they felt abandoned.

Me personally I try to put something out everyday. But, I can’t promise how long that will last. But I can promise that I will try and blog as much as possible. But I have no certain schedule that you can count on. But, my goal is to not be a stranger. So if you don’t see anything from me, that mean I’ve become extremely busy or sick, and I’ll be back as soon as possible. Well, hope this tip helped.😁

Life is like a box of chocolates!🍫

Just tips and stuff!🀷🏾

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Blogging Tip: Why are You Blogging?🀷🏾

Hey! I hope you are feeling okay! I have a question. Why are you blogging? This is an important question to ask yourself before you start blogging and after. You need to ask this to know what direction you’re going in and what are your future goals. None of my blogging tips will work for you unless you have a clear idea of what direction you’re going in.

Ask yourself is your blog for others or yourself ? Is it a blog that you use as a personal journal just for yourself, or a blog that is catered towards inspiring or teaching others? Is it a business blog? Do you want to monetize it one day? Knowing the answers to these questions will make Your blogging experience much better for you and your readers.

If people are merely eavesdropping on an personal journal blog that’s fine. With this you don’t have to worry about if people follow, like, or comment. So my tips really aren’t for you because you are dancing to the beat of your own drum. And if you teach or inspire someone along the way, then great!

If you are trying to have a blog catered towards teaching, helping, or inspiring others, then my tips are more for you. This can be considered a hobby blog.

Because if you are trying to inspire, help, or teach anyone, you have to take into consideration how the readers feel somewhat. You have to care if they are engaged or not. You have to care if you are reaching your targeted crowd. You don’t have to be unauthentic and write just for them. But you have to learn to balance out your needs as well as your readers needs. Because don’t forget, you are trying to reach out to help. Don’t forget that your readers are supposed to be your friends, and not just readers. And you would care about how your friends feel, right? 🀷🏾

And lastly, if you are working towards a business blog, and you want to eventually monetize your blog, then my tips are definitely for you.

With this choice of blogging your readers feelings are of up most importance. Their feelings are even more important than your own feelings, actually. Because not only are they your friends, but now they are your clientele. You want them to have the best user experience on your blog as possible. You want it to be as informing as possible. You are providing a service. You want to have a constant readership. So yes, monetization does contain some sacrifice of your own personal blogging enjoyment. It’s not totally ruined, but indeed reduced. So if the personal integrity of your blog is important to you, monetization is not for you!

So I really want you guys to think about this. What category are you in? I really want my tips to go to those who can use them the most. I want them to be beneficial to you, not a nuisance or discouragement. But, if my tips are not for you, I would love for you to join me for my whatever Weekend! That’s where I talk about numerous subjects that I and hopefully you will enjoy. This is on Saturday and Sunday. Hope this tip helped.


Just tips and stuff!🀷🏾

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Blogging Tip: πŸ’πŸΎKeep Your Content Fresh

Hello! We are in the middle of the week now. We’re almost to Friday! I hope your week is going good so far. I’ve been enjoying giving out tips. And I appreciate your likes and follows. This inspires me to keep giving out content. And my biggest goal is to give you quality content.

One of the ways I try to accomplish that is by trying to keep my content fresh. I keep this in mind because when I’m on the reader’s end of the stick, I can get really bored reading material that seems to repeat itself. I’m constantly yearning to learn something new. If I feel like I’m getting the same information, just worded differently, then I’ll become uninterested. I’ll give you an example.

Say you have a blog that consist of information about homelessness.

But your content was very limited. Here are some example titles:

  • Homelessness is a problem.
  • The problem that lacking housing cause.
  • The homeless is complaining about a lack of housing.
  • The reasons why the homeless say they lack housing.
  • I talked to the less fortunate about housing.

Even though these have different titles, I can assume that it’s pretty much talking about similar things. They’re all talking about the problem of homelessness. And that information is very much so relevant, but the information need to keep extending forward. What about bringing up information about some possible solutions? What about interviewing those that overcame homelessness to give hope and inspiration?

Sometimes we can get stuck on just a few topics in our blog. And It can especially become difficult to be creative when you have a specific niche. There’s only so much information that you can give on any given topic before you start to run out of ideas. And that’s when we start to reblog our own material, or just start over from the beginning with bits of new info. And that’s fine. It’ll eventually happen with some topics. But you want to prolong that process from happening as long as possible. You want your readers to look forward to reading something new when they stop by to keep their interest.

This is why when you have a lot of ideas and blog post, don’t publish them all right away. Don’t always put 4 or more blog post out a day. You can dry yourself out a lot quicker that way. But a few example blog topics that can contain infinite content is celebrity news, national news, recipes, poetry, and stories. So when considering your niche, ask yourself if it’s something that you will be able to keep the content fresh. This is what will keep you with long term readers, as well as new readers constantly coming in! I hope this tip helped.

Happy hump day! 🐫😁

Just tips and stuff🀷🏾

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