Blogging Tip: Don’t Confuse Yourself! πŸ™‡

Greetings! I’m here to give you a blogging Tip. I have to admit, I’m starting to get burned out giving blogging tips. I’m in the mood to mix it up some. But I still wanted to get this out to those who enjoy them.😊 I just Can’t guarantee I’ll give them out as much.

Anyway, I want to give you the tip of not confusing yourself. By this I mean I don’t suggest that you overwhelm Yourself trying to get blogging tips from too many sources. I suggest only getting info from only one or two sources. I know when I was new to blogging, I used to look up numerous websites to get blogging tips. But I began to get very confused. I was getting so many different tips.

This blogger said to put as much material out as possible, but then the other blogger said limit your post. Now this blogger said to be controversial for attention, but the other said it can run people away!Now she say edit carefully, and he say just put the blog post out immediately! I was left so confused 🀷🏾!

In reality, perhaps there isn’t a strict right or wrong answer when it comes to blogging tips, but more of what worked for that individual blogger. I ended up using more trial and error experience more than anything. And that is how I’m able to give you the tips I have.

But if you insist on getting blogging tips from someone else, pick only one or two bloggers to get tips from. Preferably one. First, Pick the blogger that has a fairly successful blog. Why? Because how can someone really give tips if their blog seem to be at a standstill. And secondly, the one that has the tips that make you feel the most comfortable, and that you can relate to. I know some of you are saying to yourself that you like getting multiple tips from everyone. And if you can do it that way, good for you. But, for those of you who are like me, you’ll only get more confused.

And please, don’t think that I’m telling you to abandon other sites to come to mine. If you were getting blogging tips from somewhere else before here, and it was working for you, then I suggest going back. I might only confuse you. Or, if you like it here, don’t hesitate to shop around. There could be better out there. Perhaps a more established blog than mine. If you don’t find anything, then come back! You’re always welcome here! I’ll even leave the light on!πŸ’•

Let your heart lead the wayπŸ’–

Just tips and stuff!🀷🏾

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Tip: Don’t Confuse Yourself! πŸ™‡

  1. Yes I’ve noticed that there’s conflicting advice everywhere on WordPress about “how to WordPress” lol. I think you have to find someone who is doing something in the vein of your own work and they might have more accurate tips for you. I learn most of what I do through experimentation which is also a good way to learn. This account is just my personal blog so it doesn’t matter as much if I try new things and they fail.

    Always feel free to write something personal instead of tips when you’re not feeling it! You are an excellent writer regardless of the topic.

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