Blogging Tip: 💁🏾Keep Your Content Fresh

Hello! We are in the middle of the week now. We’re almost to Friday! I hope your week is going good so far. I’ve been enjoying giving out tips. And I appreciate your likes and follows. This inspires me to keep giving out content. And my biggest goal is to give you quality content.

One of the ways I try to accomplish that is by trying to keep my content fresh. I keep this in mind because when I’m on the reader’s end of the stick, I can get really bored reading material that seems to repeat itself. I’m constantly yearning to learn something new. If I feel like I’m getting the same information, just worded differently, then I’ll become uninterested. I’ll give you an example.

Say you have a blog that consist of information about homelessness.

But your content was very limited. Here are some example titles:

  • Homelessness is a problem.
  • The problem that lacking housing cause.
  • The homeless is complaining about a lack of housing.
  • The reasons why the homeless say they lack housing.
  • I talked to the less fortunate about housing.

Even though these have different titles, I can assume that it’s pretty much talking about similar things. They’re all talking about the problem of homelessness. And that information is very much so relevant, but the information need to keep extending forward. What about bringing up information about some possible solutions? What about interviewing those that overcame homelessness to give hope and inspiration?

Sometimes we can get stuck on just a few topics in our blog. And It can especially become difficult to be creative when you have a specific niche. There’s only so much information that you can give on any given topic before you start to run out of ideas. And that’s when we start to reblog our own material, or just start over from the beginning with bits of new info. And that’s fine. It’ll eventually happen with some topics. But you want to prolong that process from happening as long as possible. You want your readers to look forward to reading something new when they stop by to keep their interest.

This is why when you have a lot of ideas and blog post, don’t publish them all right away. Don’t always put 4 or more blog post out a day. You can dry yourself out a lot quicker that way. But a few example blog topics that can contain infinite content is celebrity news, national news, recipes, poetry, and stories. So when considering your niche, ask yourself if it’s something that you will be able to keep the content fresh. This is what will keep you with long term readers, as well as new readers constantly coming in! I hope this tip helped.

Happy hump day! 🐫😁

Just tips and stuff🤷🏾

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